Now you can get BTCs for purchases in Postmates

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Now you can get BTCs for purchases in Postmates

There’s great news for bitcoin rewards platform Lolli users, food delivery is going to give you a lot more pleasure.

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Lolli proclaimed on August 21 that it started a partnership with a delivery company Postmates, and it became the newest partner od the reward application. According to Crunchbase, this food service had over 2 million downloads in the latest 30 days.

Lolli originated in September 2018 and started a collaboration with a spectrum of popular companies this summer including and Safeway grocery. The reward service has approximately 750 online retail allies some of them are extremely popular like Sephora and Walmart.

Lolli announced that 40% of its users are new in the crypto environment and the main aim of the company is to make Bitcoin mass-adopted.