Lightning Labs Introduces a Liquidity Marketplace

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Lightning launches liquidity marketplace

Lightning App, an establishment aiming to expand the Lightning Network, a Layer 2 payment protocol operating on BTC, has issued a retail store for liquidity.

The protocol informed about the launch of Pool, “a non-custodial, P2P market” which will convert Lightning liquidity into a commercial currency.

Pool will enable node executives to trade entrance to liquidity on the Lightning Network. The firm noted its appearance has a significant value for the progress of new Lightning financial goods or “LiFi.” The team also said they are different from other projects as Pool traders could make yield on BTC.

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The yield is collected from users on the Pool who agree to pay a reward for admittance to further supplies on Lightning excluding default risk. With Pool, the company tries to solve liquidity amount issues because of which the network’s members had started to reveal ways to meet the demand themselves. For instance, they discussed the question in talk groups, posted on the internet, and used over the counter services. The app told Pool intended to offer a solution that involved all of them.