KPMG has recorded a surge in investor interest in blockchain

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Since 2016, there has been a steady increase in investment in projects launched based on blockchain technologies.

The KPMG study says that the increase in investment in this sector of the economy proves once again that investors have become aware of its huge potential. In the first half of 2021 alone, about $ 98 billion were invested in blockchain projects and digital assets.

Market participants have concluded almost 2,500 transactions in the cryptosphere. Analysts pointed to a colossal increase in capital spending compared to last year.

548 transactions were carried out as part of the takeover of companies and financing the development of crypto products. The total amount of such transactions amounted to $ 8.7 billion. In 2020, 580 such transactions were concluded in the blockchain industry for a total of only $ 4.3 billion.

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One of the study's authors, Anton Ruddenklau, who heads KPMG's fintech business, said the industry is growing rapidly across the board.

He emphasized: "I believe that in the second half of this year, investors will also be investing large sums of money in projects launched in the blockchain industry."

Experts also draw attention to the growing popularity of the NFT market.

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The surge in investments in so-called collectible tokens will force many states to accelerate the implementation of the regulatory framework for this segment of the cryptosphere, predicts KPMG.