Justin Sun apologizes for delaying the lunch with Buffett

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Justin Sun apologizes for delaying the lunch with Buffett

Today is the day when Tron’s CEO and Warren Buffett long-awaited lunch was set but on July 23 Justin Sun cited health issues in postponing the event. He apologized about this, noting that it concerns authorities of USA.

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He wrote a long post on Chinese social platform Weibo and said he acted immaturely and set a bad example for the public while excessively promoting the event. He said he didn’t expect the consequences that occurred without explaining what he keep on mind.

Tron and its founder turned up under great pressure after Sun announced about the date change of the lunch he won with a $4.57 million bid. This action brought to a flurry of articles and posts claiming he was denied an exit visa from China and that his venture and its currency faced investigation.

Though Sun posted a vide from San Francisco, Tron’s price continued falling and lost about 18%.

One thing everyone will surely agree is that Buffett’s lunch has never been so dramatic in recent years. Moreover, some of the winners chose to remain anonymous, contrasting to Sun, who announced about the lunch in June and even told that he wants to educate Buffett on crypto benefits.