Jay Graber to lead the initiative to decentralize social media

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Social Media

Renowned crypto developer Jay Graber, who has been involved with projects such as Zcash and Skuchain, will spearhead an initiative to decentralize social media. For the first time, the leadership of the Twitter platform announced this back in 2019. Now, supposedly, there are all the resources to start implementing this plan.

According to reports, Graber will lead the Bluesky project, which will include a large number of experts from the decentralized social ecosystem industry. Together, programmers and analysts intend to develop common standards for the operation of social networks that would meet all the challenges of modern reality.

As it became known, the most critical problem of social networks is the global use of information that misleads users. Also, according to the statement, the new project intends to challenge the centralized application of global politics.