IOHK Presents Two New Smart Contracts for Cordano

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2 new devnets for Cordano

Blockchain engineering organization IOHK introduces 2 smart contract developer environments (devnets) for Cardano, termed KEVM and IELE. KEVM will let developers deploy Ethereum-powered apps on Cordano, while IELE allows building apps for Cardano in any computer language.

Cardano is a crypto asset network and open-source software that aims to manage a public blockchain stage for smart contracts. It was ranked as the most actively developed digital asset project in 2019, according to Santiment's 2019 market report.

In November the company issued its November product update and released a major update that is supposed to deliver most of Goguen’s smart contract features.

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IOHK informed that KEVM will make it available for engineers to deploy any cryptocontract on the Cardano blockchain coded in Solidity, the algorithmic language used to build cryptocontracts on Ethereum.

As for IELE, it was created to empower developers to code in all programming languages and port the resulting functionality or app directly into the Cardano blockchain. Both devnets will be launching as standalone networks, and will then be connected as side chains to the Cardano mainnet in the first half of 2021.