Hyperchain will fight against coronavirus outbreak

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Hyperchain against coronavirus

A February 4 Hyperchain's publication stated the launch of a blockchain-based platform to struggle with the coronavirus plague and will be a donation portal for medical equipment to help hospitals in central China.

A current explosion of coronavirus caused the death of over 400 people in the region. The whole country and Chinese citizens abroad were gathered for donations. But medics, however, don't receive adequate necessary pharmaceutical equipment. The Red Cross of China came under fire because it could not deliver critical deliveries to advanced hospitals.

Collectively with the Fuxing Group, the Xiongan Group, and other successful companies, Hyperchain has developed a platform to guarantee that the donation process is consistent, trackable, and secure.

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It is going to be a transparent portal for sharing data that will let donors see where their supplies or donations go more closely. It is going to confirm the need and acknowledgment of receiving so that donations instantly reach the proposed party.

Hyperchain was founded in 2016. It's a high-tech organization that offers specialized products and application solutions for the blockchain, specializing in producing a central blockchain platform, data exchange, digital confirmation service platform, and other types of platforms.