GrayScale Applies to List Trust for Yearn Finance

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Grayscale YFI

The world's largest digital management Grayscale has filed to list a crypto trust for YFI.

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The firm applied on February 10. The document shows Grayscale views YFI as a future offering. Anyway, it doesn't mean that the trust will be launched soon, but it is highly possible.
The registration was made by Grayscale's juridical trustee for the U.S state Delaware Trust Company. Yearn. finance is a group of protocols operating on the Ethereum blockchain that enables users to make a profit by lending and trading crypto assets.

Previously, on January 27, Grayscale had filed to register five DeFi crypto trusts: Aave, Polkadot, Cosmos, Monero, and Cordano.

At the moment, the company manages 9 cryptocurrency trusts. The two biggest are Grayscale BTC Trust and Eth Trust. The indicator of Asset Under Management stands at $36.8 B, 30.2 B of which comes from GBT.

Three out of nine products are not publicly exchanged on over-the-counter (OTC) markets. They are Horizen Trust, Stellar Lumens Trust, and Zcash Trust.