Facebook may proclaim GlobalCoin on June 18

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Facebook may proclaim GlobalCoin on June 18

There are lots off rumours about Facebook’s currency and its launch. Let’s review and understand it together.

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There’s a hearsay that the popular social platform may make its projections public sooner than we expected. They say that the whitepaper will be released on June 18.

As we already know, Facebook decided to launch its currency in 2020. It will give users an opportunity to make online payments and worldwide transactions without paying charges.

The whitepaper, which is going to be published on June 18, will explain everything about its crypto.

Experts suppose that Facebook’s crypto is not going to be attached to a US Dollar, instead, it will be connected with a currency basket. It means that this coin is going to be more stable than, for example, Bitcoin is.

As the cryptocurrencies are operating on blockchains and blockchains need nodes to operate, Facebook announced on June 5 that it’s preparing to take $10 million from the companies, who will run the nodes of its expected currency. According to The Information, Facebook aims to start the currency with 100 working nodes.

So, if every license costs $10 million, this means that Facebook is going to gain a billion at the very beginning.

Also, the company would like to operate through ATMs, but Facebook itself refused to answer to the questions about its future currency and the whitepaper.

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The rumours about the currency started in February when The New York Times published an article about a team which is working on a Facebook currency development. So, everything will become clear on June 18.

Waiting for exciting news from Facebook.