Facebook Libra payment partners hesitate on cryptocurrency

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The Libra Association

Four payment corporations that have already joined to the Libra Association as originating members are hesitating on officially approving the crypto plan.

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Mastercard, Paypal, Stripe and Visa are troubled about their further contacts with governors, who have doubts about the Libra.

Heads of these payment firms are sure that Facebook has passed the level, which was sufficient for lawmakers to accept the project. Also, officials are worried that the corporation hasn’t acted trustworthy in questions amid user data and security.

The Libra Association is proposing its 28 representative companies to reapprove their engagement to the crypto project. Before this, when Facebook published about the crypto plans in June, these corporations have signed only a nonbinding letter of purpose to investigate entering the association.

David Marcus wrote about this in his Twitter:

But the representatives of Facebook, the Libra Association and four payment systems refused to comment.