Facebook hires more lobbyists to boost Libra

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Facebook hires more lobbyists to boost Libra

A couple of extra lobbyists are selected by Facebook to support the corporation win over congressmen warnings to stymie the launch of its crypto coin.

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Head of Hollier Associates LLC William Hollier started lobbying for the social media giant on issues related to blockchain policy in late August. He worked for Senator Mike Crapo for over a decade until 2003. Hollier has a great base of impressive clients like Microsoft and the Independent Community Bankers of America.

Michael Williams from the Williams Group started lobbying for the corporation in mid-July. Previously he was working with an executive director of Credit Suisse Securities. Presently his clients include Delta Airlines Inc. and the American Financial Services Association.

With its 27 partners, Facebook is trying to issue a new cryptocurrency Libra, which is supposed to decrease prices and expand access to the banking system all over the world. During Congressional hearings in July, this project faced opposes and even suggestions of making such regulations that can nearly kill Libra’s prospect.

Other organisations have joined to lobby for the corporation on linked to crypto concerns in these months, one of them is FS Vector.