Etherscan added illegal activity monitoring in Ethereum

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Ethereum blockchain

Etherscan, one of the most popular observers on the Ethereum blockchain, has launched an “illegal activity” monitoring feature.

The Etherescan team will now compile and supplement the blacklist of Ethereum addresses, and the ETHProtect function will allow you to check the origin of incoming funds.

In the browser, the addresses will be marked with a warning that the funds on the balance sheet are connected with some illegal activity (for example, the air of the crypto exchange UpBit stolen in November).

By clicking on the warning, the Etherescan user will be able to view the address and hash of the transaction, where the coins were formerly listed, where they were before they were marked, and how many transactions they have made since they were recorded.

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“Etherscan receives daily reports of suspected fraud that are monitored by our analysts,” says the Etherscan blog. “After verification, these addresses are added to our database.”

Users who believe their addresses have been flagged by mistake can report to the Etherscan team.

Etherscan also has a white list of addresses (exchanges and other cryptocurrency services) that can receive labeled coins but are not related to fraudulent activities.

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The Etherscan team says the ultimate goal is to exclude “illegally obtained” funds from circulation, which, in its opinion, justifies such additional supervision.