Deloitte and Avalanche Build Disaster Recovery Platform

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Avalanche Deloitte partnership

Leading international financial services provider Deloitte built a partnership with Ava Labs to use the Avalanche blockchain for its new disaster recovery platform "Close As You Go" (CAYG). The project will help the government to manage federal emergency funding more effectively.

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According to the press release published by Avalanche, the platform is created based on a study of the industry needs. It will be a tool for first respondents, public works departments, finance authorities, and grant-making agencies. CAYG will make the process of applying for disaster recovery assistance to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) easier.

Leveraging the technology of Avalanche, the cloud-based platform will deliver a decentralized, transparent system at reduced costs, at the same time ensuring higher speed, and security. Being an eco-friendly platform, Avalanche will deliver green tech solutions.

Principal with Deloitte & Touche LLP, Alex Haseley says officials must act fast and carefully when a community faces disaster. The new platform can play a critical role in that regard, helping leaders to manage and validate the documentation to demonstrate eligibility for funding and decrease the risk of adverse audit findings.