Community Sums up the Largest Web 3 Event, ETHDenver

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ETHDenver 2022

Last week, Colorado capital Denver hosted the 5th annual Ethereum-focused hacking and networking event ETHDenver.

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The summit welcomed over 12,000 people from different countries, which is the record number of the event's attendees.

From February 11 to 17, the kickoff and the "buidlweek" took place, during which there were held open-source meetups, bounty presentations, technical talks, and workshops.

"Buidl" is the Ethereum community's response to hodl to emphasize that holding crypto doesn't make sense without building.

The main event weekend took place from Feb 17 to 20th. Three venues featured talks on web 3, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), and Ethereum’s major upgrade Ethereum 2.0 by blockchain experts and influencers.

ETHDenver is a completely community-funded event launched in 2017 by John Paller, who first launched ETHDenver in 2017. Its evolution SporkDAO directs the community events, investments, and interests through SPORK token.