City Comptroller Candidate Sees Blockchain as NY Future

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New York blockchain technology

Democratic candidate for New York's high-level financial executive role, Reshma Patel talked about post-pandemic recovery saying the process includes investments in blockchain technology.

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She presented a "future proof” plan for New York, which is focused on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Reshma Patel finds these technologies will make the contracts' approvement more efficient, boost the operations of new businesses and diversify local pension funds.

Patel's plan suggests about 3% crypto investments from the city's five retirement systems, financial support for fintech startups, and blockchain employment for procurement contracts. She also mentioned working with the New York Department of Financial Services to simplify BitLicense.

According to Patel, blockchain will help to make procurement contracts update and tracking more efficient providing transparency at the same time. Reshma Patel is among the 12 candidates for the city comptroller position. The election will be held on November 2, 2021. The primaries will take place on June 22.