Blockchain program for master's and PhD students will be added in UBC

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Blockchain program for master's and PhD students will be added in UBC

Graduate students will have an opportunity of studying a blockchain educational plan in the leading research university of Canada, the University of British Columbia.

This type of educational plan is the prime in Canada as the university reported. The whole program includes four spheres: clean energy, healthcare and wellness, regulatory technologies and issues for Indigenous residents. The official start for this program is scheduled in the next January.

Victoria Lemieux, UBC iSchool professor and the head of Blockchain@UBC, announced that UBC’s plan will let students improve their skills in rising technologies, that are highly demanded in the economic sphere, so, graduated students will fill all the voids of the sphere.

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The university intends to teach 139 students in six years and additionally build service for already existing master’s and PhD students in educationally related areas. The plus is that interested students don’t need to have a background in the blockchain industry.

15 industry partners from a wide range of fields supported the initiative of UBC. One of the supporters is a pharmaceutical company, Boehringer Ingelheim, which has a sales volume of around 17.5 billion EUR just in 2018.

The educational plan will be taught by UBC professors from various disciplines: from FinTech to engineering and natural science.