Bitmain increases hash rate, purchasing 600.000 mining chips

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Bitmain mining chip

The Chinese giant Bitmain allegedly placed an application for the purchase of 600,000 mining chips, which in the future could bring the company an additional $1.2 billion in profit. This was reported by the Block.

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The information came from a source close to TSMC, Taiwan's largest semiconductor manufacturer. According to this information, some of the chips are represented by the latest 7-nm models, giving a hash rate of 50 TH/s.

The publication also says that thanks to the new chips, Bitmain's mining capacity in 6 months could grow by 50%. This can bring the company an additional $1.2 billion in revenue and increase its capitalization to $12 billion.

Note that the total hash of the first cryptocurrency's network continues to update highs and has recently exceeded 80 EH/s.