American Cancer Society is now accepting BTC donations

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The American Cancer Society

One of the hugest non-profit corporations in the USA - The American Cancer Society (ACS) - is starting to receive Bitcoin donations via BitPay.

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A representative of ACS Brant Woodward said: "It's not extraordinary that our organization is trying to withdraw support from a large specter of donors, because cancer sways people from all joys of life. The purpose of ACS is essential, and to achieve it, we have to interconnect all the possible donors no matter where they are."

According to BitPay's reports, the company has supervised above $50 million endowments since 2017, partnering with reputable organizations like the American Red Cross or the Tony Hawk Foundation. The same statistics tell us that over the corresponding time, the average cryptocurrency donation has floated approximately $10000.

Stephen Pair, the CEO of BitPay, said that philanthropic organizations interest new donors by accepting BTC contributions, and they don't even need to hold cryptocurrencies. BitPay confirms donations, receives Bitcoins on the interest of the corporation and completes the transaction in the chosen fiat currency.

Woodward thinks that reality is that more and more people are involved in the crypto environment and that this fact lets ACS be associated with younger donors and provide frictionless giving opportunities for them and meet them where they are.