A new Bitcoin POS on the Colombian-Venezuelan border aims to help refugees

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A new Bitcoin POS on the Colombian-Venezuelan border aims to help refugees

There’s a new cryptocurrency exchange, which intends to help refugees. The location of the exchange is Colombia-Venezuela border, right next to the bridge over the Tachira river.

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Now all travellers have an opportunity of using POS service to apply crypto coins to purchase items. The location of the point-of-sale is Santander, Colombia, right beside the Venezuelan border.

Panda group, who designed this substitute to traditional ways of payment was thinking about helping refugees. The launch of this service was published in the Twitter account of the organisation.

The exchange allows people to swipe BTC, BCH and DAI with Pesos (COP), according to Coinatmradar.com.

In a mall known as La Parada, there’s a little phone service provider POS, where people are able to get bitcoins with rates in pesos basing on Localbitcoins valuation. It charges 10% over the value and bitcoin sellers add up 5% higher than the fixed price.

This isn’t the initial cryptocurrency services providing exchange in Colombia, actually, there’re 5 exchanges settled by The Panda group in present time. Majority of these exchanges are placed in Bogota, the capital of Colombia.

The greatest percentage of crypto investors in South America are from Colombia. There’re over 20 corporations that accept bitcoin as a means of payment in the country. The corporations are now focusing on food and digital services and the tourism industry.