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HyperCash (HC) price, charts and news



HyperCash market data

HC Coin Price: $0.100874
HC Market Cap: $36,981,427
HC Circulating Supply: 0.00 HC
HC Total Supply: 84,000,000 HC
HC 24 Hour Volume: $52,858
HC 24 Hour High: $--
HC 24 Hour Low: $--
HC 24h Change: -0.58%

What is HyperCash?

Originally recognised as Hcash, HyperCash was created to assist transfers within various blockchains. The chain uses zero-hash proofs and ensures that users will have end-to-end secrecy. HyperCash system suggests two kinds of wallets: black and white. Black ones have personal addresses when the white ones have a public address. The zero-hash proofs cover the identification of the addresser and recipient at the time when transactions are being verified. HyperCash market capitalization reached $58 million in March 2019.

HC price historical chart

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