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Voyager VGX

Voyager VGX (VGX) price, charts and news



Voyager VGX market data

VGX Coin Price: $0.562201
VGX Market Cap: $1,486,170,635
VGX Circulating Supply: 222,295,208 VGX
VGX Total Supply: 293,130,173 VGX
VGX 24 Hour Volume: $68,723,706
VGX 24 Hour High: $--
VGX 24 Hour Low: $--
VGX 24h Change: -20.41%

What is Voyager VGX?

Ethos is a rebranded representation of Bitquence. Used tickers (short name in stock information) are BQX and ETHOS. The project team creates a company aimed at a wide audience, all in the new economy's best traditions, which main aim is making the crypto market of digital coins accessible to the people, who are living on all the continents of the globe, accelerates the introduction of the blockchain and democratizes ownership of assets (both digital and traditional). The project includes a universal wallet, social and community platform.

VGX price historical chart

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