Wei Zhou: Binance will issue its stablecoins

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Binance will issue its own stablebcoins

Leading in terms of trading volumes, Binance will issue its own stablebcoins in the period of next 2 months. About this we are informed from the company's financial director Wei Zhou from his interview with Bloomberg's journalists.

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Thus, the release of the 1-st stablecoin, secured by the British pound, has already become known earlier in June. As then the head of the Changpeng Zhao exchange said, at the moment the coin is undergoing testing.

In the future, Binance intends to launch other stablebcoins linked to foreign currencies. It is noteworthy that the company does not plan to create an asset, backed by the US dollar.

He also noted that in the process of stablecoins' release Binance will attract third-party companies too. A similar collaboration has already taken place this week: Stably, based on Binance Chain has launched its startup.

Some experts believe that this initiative may pose a significant threat to Tether, the issuer of the most popular assets of its kind.