Telegram launches a public ICO on Liquid exchange

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Telegram launches a public ICO on Liquid exchange

Telegram designed its token gram in 2018 and it was sold exclusively to certified investors in the biggest ICO in the history. Now, eventually, it is accessible to the public.

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A limited selling of the token is going to be held on the Liquid exchange. The starting day is July 10. The rate of the token and the target result of the raise are still unknown. TechCrunch has reported that the offer comes before a broad public sale, which is going to be carried in October.

This sale is going to be made via Gram Asia. It is a Korean entity which is considered to be the greatest holder of the token. On Liquid exchange’s website, it’s described as a “trusted partner” of Telegram messenger.

From February to March 2018 Telegram held two-phase ICO and sold grams to certified investors. This sale brought corporation over $1,7 billion and is noted as the largest fundraise, that was performed through a token offering.

This funds were collected for Telegram Open Network’s improvement. It’s a blockchain with great ambitions. The team’s goal is to decentralize numerous facets of digital communication.

Here’s what Liquid says about TON on their website: