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Shiba inu classic

SHIBA INU CLASSIC, is generating a lot of interest among crypto enthusiasts and among the early stage investors in crypto projects, as its IEO ( Initial Exchange offering) was sold out in less than 4 seconds on Kanga Exchange. The IEO was scheduled to be held on 22nd Nov, 2021 at 10 AM UTC. The community of the project is steadily rising and are very excited about the project. The meteoric rise in the number of people joining the community raised a lot of interest in the project.

The Project is already making a lot of positive engagement with very transparent project updates. According to the post by the official kanga exchange, Twitter handles and later retweeted by the official Twitter handle of Shiba Inu classic (@shibainuclassic), there was 550 Billion coin up for offering and all of it was taken within 4 seconds. The Launch Event was marketed by Tenset, for which Shiba Inu classic is a gold sponsor for their infinity Airdrop pool.

Shiba got listed on Pancakeswap on Dec 1, 2020, and has committed about 300,000 USDT worth of liquidity in the liquidity locker, for the next three years. They have plans to get listed on multiple exchanges in the coming months and release a DApp for its community in the coming months.

Shiba Inu classic, is a community token, which is building a super DApp in decentralized finance ecosystem to facilitate easy trading and ultimately easy payments across multiple verticals. According to their white paper, they are trying to find a cost-effective and more efficient way to transfer and use the Crypto asset in an actual day-to-day use case currency scenario.
Along With this, they also have pledged 1 percent of fees in charity, which will be decided by poll within the community. According to their official white paper, they are going to run surveys and have voting on the issue of charity and their community will decide the charities they will support.
The IEO sell-out has sent the market into a frenzy and a lot of people are sad about not getting a chance to get into the project at an early stage.

Next Steps for $SHIBIC

With Growing community and transaction of SHIBIC Token along with Trade volumes of above 100,000 USDT every day between Kanga exchange and Pancakeswap trade pair, the development team is aiming for listing on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap in the next couple of days.

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Which is a very positive spot to get in for investors at the right time. SHIBIC Team is aiming for launch of Alpha Version of their DAPP in Q1, 2022 along with multiple exchange listings.

Final Thoughts

IEOs selling out fast is a strong signal for a project to gain early demand. IEO are positioned as better options of raising funds fast for new projects as well. Early investors in SHIBIC Token are constantly engaged with the development team in the official TG group, which is quite a unique community culture for a project in Defi Industry.

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