Opera launches a browser for iOS with a built-in crypto wallet

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Opera launches a browser for iOS with a built-in crypto wallet

Opera browser published about the newest Touch browser for iOS on June 26. They announced that it’s ready to be downloaded for the App store. This blockchain-ready browser was implemented on Android and PC before, which indicates that Opera is Web 3-ready beyond all the leading platforms now.

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Opera Touch with a crypto wallet supports Ethererum Web3 API and all ERC-20 tokens, stablecoins and NFT, which makes working with Dapps easy, without any extension requirement.

The built-in wallet lets making transaction applying all the supported currencies and also detects and lists any ERC-20 tokens that are accepted in Ethereum decentralized applications, like in-game currencies and so on.

Dapps may be reached by copying address right in the browser, bypassing the necessity to utilise third-party extensions.

Additionally, the corporation started to cooperate with a new Dapp known as Marble.Cards. This application converts websites into digital collectable cards. So you’ll be able to turn any URL into a card, but solely once. This shows that each Marble card is individual, moreover, these are non-fungible tokens that are running on Ethereum. It gives an opportunity of selling the card, playing with it or exchanging it.