Myntfarm Offers a Way for Anyone to Participate in Crypto Mining

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With the rise of crypto currency, more people are mining at home or are interested in trying. Crypto mining allows you to generate a constant stream of crypto by submitting processed transactions or “Blocks”. However, running a mining unit in a residential home tends to negatively impact the bills and generate a lot of heat, and, if improperly installed, certain components can even be a fire hazard. Additionally, the technical hurdles involved in designing and maintaining a mining rig are frequently discouraging to the average consumer. Vincent Place, owner and founder of MyntFarm, says, “a common issue is that these mining rigs can not only be complicated to assemble but you also need working market knowledge to maintain your income, which can be intimidating to the entry level investor. I started MyntFarm to allow anyone to get started in the crypto mining space.”

MyntFarm offers a solution, giving the less technically inclined the ability to buy shares of a mining rig, each share representing a physical GPU in that rig. They have their experts build, manage, and maintain the mining rig for its “lifetime”, meaning that as long as the GPU runs and earns enough to pay for its housing and management fees, then it will be left to continue. Regular computer maintenance will be provided, such as (but not limited to): dust removal, dead fan replacement, and thermal paste replacement. MyntFarm has partnered with a Tier III data center in California that can provide 99% uptime with blended internet providers, onsite backup power, and a 24-hr monitored climate-controlled environment. MyntFarm will do all the heavy lifting to make the entry into crypto mining a breeze. Please reach out to their experts today with any questions.