Huobi exchange's users' phone numbers being sold in darknet

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huobi numbers darknet

The Chinese darknet markets sell the personal data of users of the Huobi cryptocurrency exchange: at least, sellers themselves say so. Huobi also emphasizes that in reality, only an insignificant part of the information relates to the exchange, and its security systems were not hacked. So, we are talking about phone numbers and text messages that users allegedly received when withdrawing funds from Huobi.

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One of the sellers indicated in the announcement that the numbers are real and that the user conversion level is high enough to implement the financial pyramid.

At the same time, data can also be found on black markets that are allegedly stolen from small exchanges like BIKI, Hetbi, and ZDCoin.

Huobi representatives emphasized that only a tiny fraction of the information related to their users, but suggested that hackers could hack a third-party messaging service provider: this may explain how they received verification messages from Huobi.

The company added that they suspect those hackers are using the Huobi brand to attract attention.

Recall that earlier a hacker under the pseudonym Bnatov Plato began to distribute the alleged KYC data of users of the Binance exchange after he could not agree with the representatives of the site on a reward of 300 BTC. The authenticity of some documents to journalists has already been able to confirm.