Governments already diminish Project Libra

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Governments already diminish Project Libra

Mark Zuckerberg wrote about the start of the Libra project in a Facebook post on June 18. People started congratulating Zuckerberg for this new achievement, while governments started diminishing this extremely unexpected project.

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Maxine Waters, the chair of the US House Financial Services Committee, asked Facebook to delay the project just after it was announced.

She commented on the project in a statement on Tuesday: “Considering Facebook’s earlier troubles, I’m inquiring that the corporation accepts to a moratorium on any foremost step on forming a cryptocurrency until regulatory organisations and Congress have the possibility to explore these concerns and take actions”.

Also, a senator-democrat Sherrod Brown commented on this event on Twitter:

He also expressed his attitude in the interview posted by Bloomberg. In a radio show, the French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said that Libra must not even think about traditional currencies replacement. “It must not and cannot happen”, said the French Minister on Europe Radio. It’s obvious that all the central banks are worried about the issue, cause they might lose their power and income. So, the question of Project Libra is going to be discussed in the G7 summit in the nearest future.