Google connects cryptocurrency project with a new blockchain oracle

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Google connects cryptocurrency project with a new blockchain oracle

On 13 June in a blog post, Google announced that Ethereum app developers that are using Google software will have an opportunity to integrate data from out-of-chain sources via a partnership with Chainlink. Chainlink is a company that provides on and off ramps for data necessary to run self-executing code known as smart contracts.

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After, in February, Google made public blockchain data for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other 6 cryptocurrencies available and easily searchable on its BigQuery data analytics platform, a senior developer advocate for Google Cloud, Allen Day, wrote that the apps of that current project are all applying the crypto public datasets as an input to an off-chain business process.

Chainlink is an oracle service which lets integration of data like interest rates and price information, from traditional finances into on-chain smart contracts. The cooperation with Chainlink will add a new level to these capabilities, letting all the processes to be implemented directly on the blockchain.

In the post, Day has demonstrated how a smart contract application can use the cooperation of Chainlink and BigQuery to settle speculative bets in prediction marketplaces. All facilitations of Chainlink can help with the development of new creative ways of various payments.