Blockchain: where it has come and will be used in future?

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Blockchain: where it has come and will be used in future?

Since its inception, there has been much controversy about how this technology can be used. At first, people saw the potential of its application only in the banking sector, remittances, the replacement of ordinary currencies. But over time, having studied the functionality and correctly assessing all the advantages of the blockchain, people who have already begun to work in, or research this technology have identified a number of areas of public life where it can be applied. In the second part of our materials about where the blockchain has already manifested itself and where it intends to do this, we will tell you about the most “sick” and difficult areas of its application.

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Labor exchange

Labor exchange

Blockchain has reached even this sphere. Now people have an alternative opportunity to make money, and in some cases, it can be profit in cryptocurrency. For employers, this is an opportunity to find not only blockchain experts, developers, programmers, economists, but also representatives of the classical professions. Also, blockchain provides the ability to use its functionality to confirm the past jobs of a person who wants to be hired in a new place, can give more information about him, prove the authenticity of his certificates of higher education, etc. Here are some examples of applications and websites for finding a job.

Verbatm is a blockchain-based protocol that allows people to submit documents confirming qualification without having to be certified by third parties.

Satoshi Talent (as it is said in its website) is the first blockchain recruitment agency. For job seekers, service offers job vacancies in blockchain companies. At the same time, organizations can find and hire blockchain developers and engineers.

Coinality is a free service that allows employers to post vacancies, which are paid by cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Litecoin. The range of activities varies from one-time projects to full-term employment.


Operations with goods and raw materials

The Real Asset Company allows individuals around the world to safely and efficiently purchase gold and silver bars. The company has developed an investor-friendly platform that operates on the basis of the international infrastructure of safes and vaults and provides an online account to buyers of gold, silver or other precious metals. Goldbloc's gold-backed internal cryptocurrency adds an extra level of transparency to the gold and currency management process. According to the company, the ability to “tie” every gram of gold to digital cryptocurrency will help bring gold back to the financial systems of countries.

Uphold is a platform for moving, converting, making transactions and storing any form of money, goods or raw materials. The service links together banking, credit, debit cards and bitcoin wallets in an internal digital wallet service to simplify financial services or transactions. Businesses and individuals can transfer funds to their account in the system using a bank transfer, debit, credit card, or bitcoin wallets.



The diamond industry is one of the largest branches of natural mining, which also makes a significant contribution to the GDP of African and other diamond-mining countries. Its distinguishing feature is a high level of crime and violations of the law. Gems are very small in size and therefore easily amenable to hidden transport. The most pleasant part for criminals is that transactions are carried out confidentially, and each sale at the same time allows you to make a profit for several years. Diamonds have the ill fame of a money laundering tool and a means of financing terrorism on a truly huge scale throughout the world.

Everledger, one of the technology pioneering companies in this area, is working on solving a number of such acute and difficult problems. It provides various interested parties from insurance companies and claimants for rights to law enforcement agencies access to the registry with immutable historical data, allowing to identify diamonds and verify the authenticity of transactions with them. The service produces a “digital passport” for each diamond - a kind of unique tag that accompanies its gemstone in all related transactions.

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Video games

Gambling and video games

The blockchain has found its fans even in the gambling and video game industries another vivid example of the limitless and rich imagination of entrepreneurs. Here are some examples.

Etheria is a virtual world where players try to take possession of the cells of the playing field, getting them in blocks, and building something on them. All data describing the world and its state, as well as all actions of the players are stored in the decentralized Ethereum blockchain.

First Blood is a platform that allows cyber sportsmen to challenge each other in different game disciplines, for fans to bet or judge games, as well as organize tournaments and receive rewards from any such activity. First Blood works on the Ethereum-blockchain base with its own 1ST token, actively using smart contracts to process results and oracles as a source of information about match results.

The FreeMyVunk movement aims to make it possible to exchange virtual property in video games. The platform exists in the form of a blockchain based on Ethereum, whose tokens (VUNK) act as the currency of exchange. The authors of the idea suggest that all gamers in the world join forces, join the network and earn VUNK, including through tweets and referral invitations.

Of course, the application of technology in public life doesn’t end here. The potential of the blockchain is many times greater than we, and even the most powerful experts in economics, innovation and programming can assume. Therefore, don’t forget in the previous part of our materials series to get acquainted with the other and equally important sectors, where blockchain technologies have already shown themselves.