A $100 million crypto fund launches and aims to go long

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A $100 million crypto fund launches and aims to go long

A new investment firm known as Darma Capital is launching to those investors, who want to bet that digital assets such as Ether are poised for a 10-year long run. Of course, Ether saw one of the greatest boom-and-bust periods in crypto, rising an astounding 17,775% in 2017 only to see 94% of its profits cancelled by the end of last year. Company’s founders are estimating on Ether’s long-term integral role in the native blockchain to counter such mania.

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Andrew Keys, a team member of Darma Capital said that they want to obtain what they think is a new class of assets.

Andrew Keys is one of the first workers of ConsenSys and a programmer of a Brooklyn-based Ethereum app. His company aims to make such funds for Filecoin and Bitcoin in the nearest future.

Though there are a lot of scandals and fraud actions in the crypto world these days, there are statistics that some really famous companies are adopting Ethereum for real-life use. For example, in April of this year, Ernst&Young issued its model of privacy-enhancing technology onto the public Ethereum blockchain. In the same period, Societe Generale SA released $112 million worth of covered certificates on the blockchain of Ethereum.

Josh Gnaizda the leader of Crypto Fund Research in San Francisco commented on this: ”It’s very hard to make predictions about the success of any single-asset fund, This kind of crypto funds tend to be more unpredictable than other quantitive funds that have less of directional preference”.