The Acala team has released a full report on the aUSD incident

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As of September 5, 52 million erroneously issued aUSD coins remain in the network. In total, 281 addresses were involved in the incident, according to the report of the Acala parachain team.

In August, a bug in the iBTC/aUSD liquidity pool smart contract led to the issuance of a “significant amount” of the stablecoin. 16 addresses claimed a total of ~3 billion aUSD by requesting a reward from the pool. About 1.29 billion coins of this number were returned and burned by the decision of the community.

Some users exchanged the received assets for DOT tokens. The developers offered to return the funds to an address in the Polkadot network for a fee of 5% of the amount.

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42.482 million erroneously issued aUSD remain at user addresses, 33.718 million of this number are in the DEX module. The rest of the 52 million coins were transferred to other parachains like Moonbeam, Astar, Interlay, or centralized exchanges.

After 16 initial addresses received the “wrong” coins, 83 wallets were involved in aUSD transfers. The total number of addresses involved, including transactions with DOT, ACA, and iBTC, reached 281.

The price of aUSD has lost its peg to the US dollar after the incident. At the time of writing, the stablecoin is quoted at $0.89.