Malaysian police crush 1,069 bitcoin miners with a roller

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The police of the city of Miri (Malaysia) destroyed a batch of ASIC miners confiscated during the raids.

On July 16, journalist Colin Wu reported that a video had been circulated in the Chinese cryptocurrency community showing the roller rolling over the devices.

According to him, some members of the community have linked what is happening with the recent repressions of the PRC authorities against miners. However, Wu himself suggested that the action takes place in Latin America.

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Later it became known that the equipment was destroyed by Miri's law enforcers. The local portal cited a statement from the Hakemala Hawari County Police Chief. According to him, 1,069 bitcoin miners, worth 5.3 million ringgit ($ 1.25 million), were seized during six raids between February and April.

Earlier, the authorities of the Malaysian state of Johor detained miners on suspicion of stealing electricity for $ 600,000. During searches, law enforcement officers found 148 pieces of equipment for mining cryptocurrencies.