Innovative Portal Boringdao Raises $1.4 M

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Boringdao is a decentralized crosschain linking Ethereum and separate blockchains. It's going to bring out the company’s bBTC tunnel in the near future to offer new symbolic BTC.

The infrastructure offers the possibility for non-ERC20 tokens to increase efficiency and yield-powering results in the startup’s web portal.

On October 8 the company informed that thanks to investments the funds attracted $1.4 M. Puzzle Ventures, Youbi and other companies were among the supporters.

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The main goal of Boringdao is to tokenize all the existing ventures. Accordingly, the platform will extend its bBTC channel.

The token bBTC will be a tokenized bitcoin associated with Ethereum. Besides, Boringdao is introducing the BOR token, which is built for striking and earning prospects. Being a bBTC token, the venture will be covered by 200% and hold a doubled security form. This means that the maximum degree of asset protection will be ensured.

So, being a programmable cryptocurrency asset running on Ethereum network, bBTC allows creating applications and trading on decentralized markets.