Germany Views Decentralizing Energy Industry with Blockchain

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Dena innovates energy system

Germany wants to develop its energy regularity cooperating with different blockchain firms.

DENA (Deutsche Energie-Agentur) - internationally operating energy provider - considers transferring its power environment to a decentralized information base. Peter Mauric, the head of Parity Technologies public affairs said that distributed devices will help to make the network more flexible.

Parity Technologies is among the organisations included in DENA’s project. Germany’s power reform production, together with Energy Web and various blockchain and decrypt associations, generally intend to digitalize the country’s power policy by filing specific elements on a shared environment. Let's mention that the Energy Web Chain is an open, business-level digital ledger program created for the energy sector’s administrative, functional, and trade requirements.

Peter Mauric told that the co-operation with Energy Web is exciting as it's a leading blockchain groundwork advancement firm. The implementation of the formula DENA practising Substrate the blockchain-constructing structure developed for DOT.

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The recent design supports the initiation of the Future Energy Lab, which is a wide, lately-announced switch from DENA. The goal of the scheme is to develop systemic solutions for a maintainable energy future.