Fisco made a complaint against Binance

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Zaif crypto exchange

Japanese crypto market Fisco has accused Binance of money washing. The trial is being held in a U.S. court. Binance is accused of being involved in the washing over $9 M of seized crypto via the Zaif hack. Binance hasn't made any comments yet.

On September 14 Fisco applied to the Northern District Court of California. The company proclaimed that the management of Binance is very convenient for hackers. More precisely, that system made it possible for the criminals to change seized crypto from Zaif to other digital assets or cash. The Zaif crypto market belongs to Fisco.

Zaif was attacked in September 2018 and lost $63 M. In the complaint, Fisco states that the stolen money was washed in Binance.

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The washed bitcoin cost about $9.4 M then, ow it would cost $15 M.

According to Fisco, the Binance protocols that should protect users and prevent money washing are extremely weak. Fisco also mentioned that after the hack they contacted Binance staff requesting to freeze activities and accounts involving the stolen bitcoin, but got a refusal. Fisco thinks Binance could have interrupted the money washing process but they didn't take the necessary measures. Zaif expects to get over $9 M from Binance which was lost because of the hack. Besides, the company demands compensation for the resources they spent in the pursuit process.