Coinbase CEO: 20s will see an anoncoin mainstream adoption

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CEO of Coinbase

Chief Executive Officer of Coinbase Brian Armstrong says he considers that «privacy coins» will become mainstream in the 20s.

In his post published on the US-based crypto exchange's blog on January 3, Armstrong mentioned that he thinks, in the 20s, everyone will view the union of privacy points into one of the significant blockchains. He has also made predictions like this: “Just like how the Internet started with HTTP, and after some time presented HTTPS as a default on numerous platforms, I think we’ll finally observe a “privacy coin” or blockchain with built-in privacy characteristics become more popular in the 20s.”

Forecastings of Armstrong are curious, given the current strike on privacy-oriented cryptos and the seeming agreement that privacy has to become one of the central concentrations of BTC improvement.

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In March, the head of the Finance Committee of France’s National Assembly suggested a limitation of anoncoins. Coinheck delisted four privacy coins in May 2019. In the same period, the Virtual Currency Exchange Association of Japan advised its affiliates to do the same. This kind of news makes Coinbase CEO's prediction about anoncoins unbelievable.