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Name Price Market Cap Volume (24h) Circulating Supply
Curve GUSD Pool Curve GUSD Pool
$1.03 $28,836,552 $0.00 27,949,856 gusdCrv
Atletico Madrid Fan Token Atletico Madrid Fan Token
$5.04 $28,841,703 $2,825,932 0.00 ATM
$0.058622 $28,875,165 $2,955,378 494,141,904 OM
Nym Nym
$0.424396 $29,076,906 $4,089,299 68,625,000 NYM
Zipmex Zipmex
$0.328525 $29,104,039 $20,463 88,573,083 ZMT
Ambire AdEx Ambire AdEx
$0.203955 $29,104,881 $4,345,765 142,557,524 ADX
Itheum Itheum
$0.141822 $29,295,885 $10,893 206,550,000 ITHEUM
Index Coop - ETH 2x Flexible Leverage Index Index Coop - ETH 2x Flexible Leverage Index
$19.38 $29,336,975 $873,399 1,513,907 ETH2X-FLI
Cube Network Cube Network
$0.611604 $29,459,506 $2,499,253 48,150,000 CUBE
Bitrue Coin Bitrue Coin
$0.073313 $29,653,751 $3,424,011 403,988,085 BTR
Vite Vite
$0.033456 $29,657,858 $906,448 886,221,799 VITE
Veros Veros
$0.057558 $29,820,029 $86.25 54,496,564 VRS
Doge Army Doge Army
$0.000000 $29,858,689 $5.81 0.00 DGAT
Cere Network Cere Network
$0.006790 $29,907,532 $442,101 4,405,918,598 CERE
TokenPocket Token TokenPocket Token
$0.008700 $30,043,812 $1,079,575 3,466,457,401 TPT
Synth sJPY Synth sJPY
$0.085595 $30,147,691 $0.00 352,212,396 sJPY
Router Protocol Router Protocol
$3.88 $30,194,392 $1,799,396 7,790,619 ROUTE
CargoX CargoX
$0.181377 $30,313,622 $4,290 167,160,148 CXO
e-Money e-Money
$0.469605 $30,457,743 $297,109 64,843,373 NGM
$0.869244 $30,676,914 $1,613,369 35,291,494 AVA

Cryptocurrency Price Indexes

With the development of new technologies, there can be given a logical explanation for the emergence of cryptocurrencies. And if at the very beginning of their way (for now short, but, very promising), many looked at crypto coins with caution and disbelief, now not only well-known companies and banks started using blockchain technology, but some countries are actively implanting them into their economies.

The main problem of virtual money is an unstable course. Familiarize yourself with the history of any cryptocurrency, and you will notice how it was changing in short periods of time. How much will Bitcoin or Ethereum cost tomorrow? Even this question is difficult to answer.

However, the fact remains that an increasing number of people are interested in crypto coins, and this has a positive effect on demand. In order to simplify the task for you and all the “residents of the crypto world”, as traders, investors, ICO startups and miners, has developed a reliable platform, where you can get all the fresh data in our constantly updating charts. They include almost all cryptocurrencies, their prices, and additional information. So to never miss any important news about Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., leave your email for our newsletter, follow us on social networks and bookmark the website in your browser.